5 Minute Marketing Scorecard

 5 min marketing scorecard  

How is your marketing stacking up?

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The Scorecard will assess your current digital marketing capabilities on 4 core areas and give you areas for improvement for your Customer Value Journey. 


 The  first step in the customer journey, awareness is the extent to which  consumers are familiar with your brand and the goods or services that  you offer. 


 Engagement  is where you converse with your prospects. You engage them through some  form of content that provides entertainment, information, or both.  Often comes in the form of community or content.  


 In  the subscribe phase the goal is to get the potential client to give you  their contact information along with permission to contact them again  in the future – the nurturing phase begins, and you offer them some form  of valuable content to solve.  


 This  is about acquiring buyers/trials or ramping up the commitment level of  the leads you already have. It is NOT about profitability, but it is  about getting someone to commit to you with an investment in either time  or money, e.g. an intro product, free trial or webinar etc.  

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